Name Title Contact
Ben Tusher Production Director for the Performing Arts and Resident Lighting Designer
Max Calzada Film and Production Technical Assistant
Sara Cassaro Technical Director
Kerry Jones Scenic Artist and Properties Designer
Johnny Macias Assistant Production Manager
Cody Norris Scene Shop Supervisor and Head Carpenter
Landis Maren York Costume Shop Manager and Resident Costume Designer

Performing Arts Production Organizational Chart


Eva Larios (A-I)
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
INTS 3129

Anthony (Tony) Gonzalez (J-O)
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
INTS 3111A
(951) 827-6053

Jennifer Garrison (P-Z)
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
INTS 3115
(951) 827-0333

Walk-In and Appointments
  • Walk-ins are limited to 10 minutes
  • Appointments are available for 15 or 30 minutes

Schedule Appointment

Walk-ins DO NOT need to make appointments—students check-in at the reception in INTN 3033 in order to see the Academic Advisor.


Marcelina Ryneal
Financial & Administrative Officer
ARTS 121

Toya Adams
Financial Analyst
ARTS 127
(951) 827-2127

Albert Fetter
Instructional Support Technician
INTN M1006
(951) 827-3869

Janice Henry
CHASS Enrollment MGMT Supervisor
HMNSS 1207
(951) 827-1436

Christine G. Leapman
Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts, Assistant Director
INTN 1016
(951) 827-5739

Margaret Montalvan
Financial Assistant
ARTS 127

Melanie Ramiro
Performing Arts Marketing Specialist
ARTS 125
(951) 827-3245

Paul Richardson
CHASS Facilities Director
INTN 3007
(951) 827-2675