Production Unit Bulletin Board

About Production Units

Students earn production units through supervised experience in the practical application of theatrical and film production techniques. The production unit series of courses (TFDP 170-175) provides instruction in acting, designing, management, directing, dramaturgy, and crew skills under the supervision of faculty/guest instructors and production staff, culminating in a fully realized theatre or film production.

Production units are required for each of TFDP's major tracks. Contact your Academic Advisor or click here to review how many production units are needed to graduate.

Current Production Unit Opportunities

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TFDP 172 - Assistant Designers
TFDP 173 - Assistant Directors
TFDP 173 - Assistant Stage Managers






Please Note:

  • Effective January 2023, the following activities will be the only way to earn production units (TFDP 170 – 175):
    • Participation in department theatre productions.
    • Participation in department film productions.
    • Participation in the practicum.
    • Film history papers.
    • Independent projects under the direct supervision of TFDP faculty (e.g. actors for Patricia’s class, the social media team, etc.).
  • Effective January 2023, the following activities will not be eligible for production units:
    • Film shoots and performances by student organizations (e.g. R’Shorts, GMP, LPP, etc.).
    • Work on productions outside of UCR.