Faculty and Lecturers

Faculty and Lecturers


Lecturers 2022-23

Name Title Classes Contact
Tony Baltierra Continuing Lecturer

TFDP 020 - Production Techniques for Theatre, Film, and Television

Michael Bucklin Continuing Lecturer

TFDP 010 - Introduction to Acting
TFDP 066 - Screenwriting: How Movies Work
TFDP 111C - Advanced Acting: Acting for the Camera

Luis Carazo Continuing Lecturer TFDP 010 - Introduction to Acting
TFDP 109 - Acting: The Process
Paige Goodwin Lecturer TFDP 164A - Beginning Playwriting paige.goodwin@email.ucr.edu
Joshua Malkin Adjunct Associate Professor TFDP 166A - Screenwriting: Introduction joshua.malkin@ucr.edu
Denise McCarthy Lecturer TFDP 155 - Introduction to Digital Film Production anne.mccarthy@ucr.edu
Catherine Priamos Lecturer TFDP 120A - Literature and History of the Theatre: The Classical Period through the Italian Renaissance catherine.priamos@email.ucr.edu
Hannah Wolf Lecturer

TFDP 170 - Performance in Production
TFDP 191T - Women in Theatre