ARTS Building

Completed in 2001, the ARTS Building is home to the departments of Theatre, Music, Dance, Art History, and Studio Art. The building includes performance spaces, rehearsal halls, theatre shops, art studios, computer laboratories, dance studios and libraries as well as seminar rooms and offices. Designed by the late Robert Israel and Annie Chu, the building’s design of stucco, brick, glass and steel, with angular features, ramps, and stairs won the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects’ Unbuilt Project Merit Award in 1994.

ARTS Studio Theatre

The ARTS Studio Theatre, where the Theatre Department stages the bulk of its season, is a black box space measuring 55’x 55’x 20′, seating 146 on a flexible seating system. It has a full lighting grid, mezzanine grid, stage manager’s booth, and six motorized winches. It has a compliment of 220 Source Four lighting instruments, with a one to one ETC system of 286 dimmers running on an ETC Expression 3 lighting console. The sound system is an SFX computerized playback system with 8.1 surround sound capability, running through a Mackie D8B digital sound console. The Studio Theatre has an adjacent scene shop, costume shop, and dressing rooms that support the Department’s active production schedule throughout the year.

University Theatre

The 492-seat University Theatre is a proscenium theatre with continental seating a full orchestra pit/elevator, and full fly system. The complex has adjacent shops, dressing rooms, offices, box office and other storage and support facilities. It has a compliment of 297 lighting instruments (192 Source Four instruments), controlled by an ETC Obsession 600 light board, and 284 Strand dimmers in a one to one configuration. The sound system has 5.1surround sound capability and is run by a 48 input Yamaha M7CL digital mixing console. The staff consists of professional theatrical technicians, administrative support, and a large pool of UCR students. The Theatre Department mounts one large-scale production per year in this theatre.

Theatre Lab (411)

The Theatre Lab is a black box space measuring 44’x50’x16′, seating 120 on a motorized seating system which is fully retractable. It has a full lighting grid, and a Strand system of 96 dimmers in a one to one configuration. It has a compliment of 90 lighting instruments to include 60 Altman Mini Zooms run by an ETC Express lighting console. The sound system is a 4-point surround speaker system run by a 24 channel mixing board. The Theatre Lab is the main “classroom” theatre for the Theatre Department, and it is heavily scheduled for rehearsals along with student work and performances.

ARTS Scene Shop

Adjacent to the ARTS Studio Theatre, the Theatre Department’s scene shop has a large open work area for the fabrication, setup and painting of scenery. This area is surrounded by two mezzanines which are used to store stock scenic pieces, electrics, upholstery work area, and properties. The shop has a wooden floor which is suitable for both building and painting, and contains a paint shop, offices, and tool storage. The scene shop works primarily with wood and metal but has the capacity to work in all mediums. It also has a large outdoor painting area.

ARTS Costume Shop

On the Lower Level of the ARTS Building, the Theatre Department’s costume area encompasses a large open workroom with skylights, crafts/dye room, costume storage area, offices, dressing rooms and restrooms. The costume shop is fully equipped with professional-grade equipment, and is capable of producing productions of every period and scale.