In All by Richard Gonzales

Dear TFDP Seniors,

As part of the university’s ongoing goal of being able to establish metrics to assess student performance within each major, the Department of Theatre, Film & Digital Production will be producing our 3rd Annual Culmination Celebration in June 2018.

Every senior in the major will be required to participate.  You can perform as an individual or work in groups.  You can make a short film, read something you’ve written, present a display of technical work – costumes you’ve created, makeup work you’ve done, design projects you created – sing a song, pitch a project or come up with any other presentation eight-ten minutes in length that showcases some aspect of the work you’ve done and skills you’ve acquired during your time in the major.

In order to discuss this in greater detail, we will be holding a MANDATORY information meeting for all seniors on MONDAY JANUARY 22 at 5:15 P.M. in the Studio Theatre – Arts 113.

If you have any questions, please contact me at


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