TFDP Web Series

In All, Film & Video by Richard Gonzales


is currently CASTING the main roles

for the pilot of THE REIGN

STORYLINE: In a dystopian world where The Reign has taken over most of society, Jo and Nick, members of the resistance, strategize to win their land back.

JO: 20’s,  Female, stubborn, tough, and kind. Dedicated her life to ending the Reign. Leader of a youth military force in the Resistance. Skilled and naturally talented at combat and strategy. Doesn’t know when to take a break. All ethnicities welcomed.

NICK: 20’s, Male,  sweet, the voice of reason. Member of Jo’s force. Prefers peaceful measures of ending the Reign. Has the ability to be great at combat but has reservations about its necessity. All ethnicities welcomed.

FRANKIE: 20’s, Female, assistant scientist of the resistance, smart quirky, randomly inspired to create amazing feats of technology. All ethnicities welcomed.

MILES: 20’s, Male, cynical, curious, brave, member of Jo’s force. All ethnicities welcomed.

RAVEN: 20’s Female, bubbly, naive, loyal, member of Jo’s force. All ethnicities welcomed.

Auditions – Monday, April 22

11:30 am -1:00 pm at INTS 1111

Actors need to learn all their lines for the auditions.

Please submit your headshot and resume to the casting directors.

Audition materials and Sign Ups are at:


Contact Casting Directors Kaila Gutierrez and Kelland Li and

Callbacks will be Monday, April 29 at 11:30 a.m.

If you cannot attend this date contact Casting Directors for a possible second day of casting. Alternatively, you can record your audition and submit it.

Tentative shooting days are May 10, 11, 18, and 19. Actors need to be available these dates.

Production units will be given to actors.