TFDP Department Film Screenplay Call

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Department of Theatre, Film & Digital Production

Each year, the UCR Department of Theatre, Film & Digital Production produces a film written by a department major, undergrad or grad. On occasion, faculty scripts are used. This film is presented as the feature in the department film festival. One student-written script will be selected for production. Scripts will be reviewed by Professors Evered, Hinds, Krieger and Russin. The decision of the writing faculty is final.

DEADLINES/DATES (Dates may be subject to change.)
1-30-17 Call for Screenplays
2-27-17 Full Draft of Screenplay Due (submitted to
3-13-17 Script Selected and Students Notified
4-9-17 First Design Meeting Held This Week
5-8-17 Scenery and Costume Designs Due to Shops
5-22-17 Builds begin in Shops
6-10-17 Auditions
6-11-17 Callbacks
10-2-17 Film Rehearsals Begin
10-9-17 Film Training Begins
10-16-17 Film Shooting Begins
10-21-17 Film Shooting Wraps
10-27-17 Rough Cut of Film Due
11-3-17 Second Cut of Film Due
11-17-17 Final Cut with Sound of Film Due
12-1-17 Final Cut with Sound and Color Correction of Film Due to Production Manager
12-7-17 Film Festival Screening @ 8:00 pm
12-8-17 Film Festival Screening @ 8:00 pm

1. Script Submissions
1.1 Scripts must be between 8-10 pages in proper screenplay format.
1.2 Due to the fact that most shooting occurs at night most locations should be interior. Much of the production will take place in the Sproul TV studio where we have standing sets for living/dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, hallways, outdoor space such as patio or roof and a wild space. The set can be redressed to satisfy specific needs of the story but it’s a strong plus if the script takes advantage of these existing locations because the department has total control over how/when we film in there.
1.3 Pay attention to budget restraints. Scripts should be set in the present and not require extraordinary locations or props.
1.4 The script should have 3-4 lead characters and no more than 10 actors including extras/minor roles.
1.5 Content should be no more intense than a mild “R”. Since the finished film will be screened for the entire campus, the department wants to stay within the boundaries of things that could just as easily be presented as part of our regular theatrical season.
1.6 Tell a story of any genre that has a complete beginning, middle and end. Get your audience invested and emotionally involved.
1.7 Think visually. Take advantage of the fact that this is a film. A simple “talking-heads” story that could just as easily be presented on stage is not what the department is looking for. Make it engaging and active.
2. Registration/Grading
2.1 Students participating in the film must be enrolled in a TFDP 170 series course or another appropriate class. MFA students may, upon approval of the MFA program director, take TFDP 174 for 292 credit.
2.2 Student participants will be enrolled by the end second week of the quarter.
2.3 Students may receive credit for the film as actors, directors, designers, stage managers or crew.
2.4 Academic credit for participation in the film is as follows: 1 unit for every 25 hours of participation.
2.5 Grading and rules for the class is governed by the TFDP 170 series syllabi.

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