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by UCR Undergraduate and MFA Playwrights

Prof. Erith Jaffe-Berg, Artistic Director

Premiere productions exploring issues and textures of contemporary life by the best UCR student playwrights. A different slate of work is scheduled for each performance.

Playwrights include: Terri Tomlinson • Robert Bailey • Gloria Ines • Selena Cortez • Katheryn Valle • Chrystal Kim • Hanah Boal • Miranda Liu • Gerson Ibanez • Serrina Lam Lilia Hernandez • Maxwell Kantomer • Tejahra Jacobs • Connor Kubota • Erica James • Leelee Jackson • Mercedes Floresislas • Holly Rudolph • Michael Robinson • Maricar Macario • Carissa Atallah • Krista Skorupski

Some plays include adult subject matter, sexual situations, violence and strong language.

3 Performances:

June 6, Wednesday, 8:00 pm
June 7,  Thursday, 8:00 pm
June 8, Friday, 8:00 pm

Free and open to the public

Theatre Lab, Humanities 411, located next to the University Theatre


BLANK PAGE by Gerson Ibanez

Directed by Maxwell Kantomer

PAPER PLANES by Tejahra Jacobs   

Directed by Kellen Lowe

PICTURE PERFECT by Selena Cortez

Directed by Hannah Boal

THE FATE OF THE ANIMALS by Maxwell Kantomer  

Directed by Katheryn Valle

A GRIM SITUATION by Connor Kubota  

Directed by Kellen Lowe

PATCHES AND TAPE by Hannah Boal  

Directed by Gerson Ibanez

POWERDOWN by Gloria Ines  

Directed by Hannah Boal

DOMQUIL by Michael Robinson  

Directed by Robin Russin


BARISTA PROBLEMS by Katheryn Valle  

Directed by Serrina Lam

THIRD WHEELER by Miranda Sayer 

Directed by Gerson Ibanez

I SEE YOU, SUGAR by Serrina Lam  

Directed by Maxwell Kantomer

I AM NOT AMUSED by Terri Tomlinson  

Directed by Gloria Ines

HOMECOMING by Robert Bailey  

Directed by Gloria Ines

THE FUNERAL by Chrystal Kim  

Directed by Serrina Lam

DECISIONS by Erica Lynn James  

Directed by Terri Tomlinson

TURN AND BURN by Lilia Flanagan

Directed by Katheryn Valle

PAPI CHULO by Mercedes Floresislas  

Directed by Stuart Krieger


WANTED: PRINCE by Holly Rudolph  

Directed by Annika Speer

MORNING by Maricar Macario  

Directed by Kimberly Guerrero

THE MOST DANGEROUS PLAY by Krista Skorupski  

Directed by Bella Merlin

THE BLACK GOD AT THE YMCA, a musical by Leelee Jackson  

Directed by Donatella Galella

VOIRE DIRE by Carissa Atallah  

Directed by Chrystal Kim

Free and open to the public. No late seating.

Though admission is free, a ticket is required. At 7:30 pm, one ticket per person will be distributed at the venue. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Parking: Complimentary permits available at the Kiosk
Information: (951) 827-3245