The University of California, Riverside Department of Theatre, Film, and Digital Production is at the forefront of providing today’s emerging artists with the opportunities they need to succeed. With a diverse faculty and even more diverse student body, students will find a variety of ways to gain practical experience both academically and professionally.

Sadie-4Our annual department film gives students both the education of working a number of positions, as well as the experience of working with a cast and crew to create a unified piece. Students are trained to use professional equipment and are exposed to the atmosphere of being on set, where direction is both given and taken. With a number of faculty with established positions in the industry, students are able to work with world renowned professionals both inside and outside of the classroom.

InTheHeights-1Each year, our season of productions allow students to gain practical theatre experience, whether in cast or on crew. Where theory meets practice, our production season has students use what they’ve learned in the classroom to execute meaningful performances. Along with our core theatrical pieces, students are given the opportunity to take charge of their own pieces with our Playworks workshop and New Play Festival.

Since a practical education is sought after by many students in the department, students are encouraged to take the initiative and engage in extracurricular work. With the many student organizations available on campus, students can further hone their practical skills, while gaining both experience and an ever expanding contact list. More information about specific student organizations can be found here.

Never before has the Department of Theatre, Film, and Digital Production offered such a vast array of opportunities; now is the best time to join us!