“For Molly” Web Comic

In All by Richard Gonzales

Writer and UCR alumnus Gabe Cheng is self-publishing his first webcomic called, “For Molly” with art by Benjamin Sawyer. The Kickstarter campaign for chapter two (http://kck.st/2yCvzYS) began on Monday October 29th and ends Friday November 23rd.
Cheng graduated from UCR with a BA in Film and Visual Culture in 2008. “Some of the smartest and most hard-working people I know were my classmates at UCR,” said Cheng. “I learned so much about storytelling and writing from all of my film professors, and I’m honestly jealous because I know the program’s only gotten better since I graduated.”
Chapter one of “For Molly” can be read for free at formollycomic.com. In it, an anti-social talking dog named Molly helps a recently divorced New Yorker named Greg rescue his sister from an evil that lurks in the New Jersey forest. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to preview chapter two and see the exclusive donor rewards.