The Same Old Line, written by Kirin McCrory and directed by Stephanie Ghiya. Through mundane moments in Evie’s life, this philosophical short film examines the complexities of functioning as a female in the 21st century.

Changing of the Guard, written by Robin Russin. Directed by Root Park. We don’t have a choice when we lose people we love. We do have a choice in how we say goodbye.

Bad Timing, a film by Stu Krieger. Caught in a compromising position, a young research assistant summons her closest friends but quickly realizes she needs to learn to rely on herself.

Control Your State, directed by Nate Hochstetler. Screenplay by Lisa UmhoeferIn Control Your State, Karl Magone is an up-and-coming young playwright who thinks he knows the power of a good metaphor, until he meets Isabella Castile, a mysterious young woman who teaches him that sometimes nothing is more powerful than the real thing.

Sadie Hawkins, directed by Robin Russin. Screenplay by Angela Babb Timmons. In the film, a 30-something Abby meets teenage Doug just after being dumped by her fiancé. When Doug needs a date to his high school Sadie Hawkins dance, an unlikely friendship is born.

Names, directed by Root Park, written by David Campos. A man struggles to come to grips with news from his doctor.  Now, he just has to tell his wife.

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