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Dear TFDP Majors,

Each year the department of Theatre, Film & Digital Production awards Chancellor’s Performance Awards between $100-$1000 to majors who have made significant contributions in classes within the major as well as in our film and stage productions, in ways that illustrate academic and creative excellence, an aspiration toward professionalism and a clear sense of passion for the craft.

In the past, students expressed a desire to have the opportunity to share their personal contributions with the faculty and staff selection committee to ensure consideration for this recognition.

The faculty of Theatre, Film & Digital Production asks that students seeking consideration for a Chancellor’s Performance Award submit a ONE-PAGE essay about their work in the major and why it merits recognition and reward.  Speak specifically about what you have done in the past academic year, what you have learned, how you have grown academically and/or artistically, and why an award of any amount would prove to be beneficial to your UCR journey. Note that this essay forms only one part of the application.  Final determination of awards will be through deliberations by the faculty and staff selection committee.

Please address letters to TFDP Department Erith Jaffe-Berg at NO LATER THAN Wed May 3.

Please keep in mind that to be considered for this important scholarship and its monetary recognition, you will want to submit a compelling and convincing essay that make your case.


Erith Jaffe-Berg, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Department Chair

Department of Theatre, Film & Digital Production

INTS 2120

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